Saturday, September 7, 2013

Deuteronomy 31:8

Our flight to Toronto leaves early tomorrow morning...I am in the middle of finalizing the packing, and trying to make sure that nothing important is left behind.  I realize that I'm going to be in downtown Toronto, and there are stores left right and center that can supply most needs so I'm trying not to go overboard with what goes into the suitcases.  Jacob comes with a suitcase full of medical supplies, and we also need a carry on medical supply case to cover the possibility that the full sized suitcase gets lost or misplaced by the airline.  I just placed an emergency NG (feeding tube) replacement kit into my carry on - I can honestly say that packing has never been this complicated.  I consider myself to be a fairly organized person, but I'm finding organizing this trip to be extremely challenging.

Yesterday we got a phone call that provided an answer to prayer.  God is answering our prayers before we even leave our home province! There is a room available for us at Ronald Mcdonald House as soon as we arrive in Toronto.  That gives us a safe, clean and affordable place to live with Jake while waiting for the surgery and just as importantly,  after he has been admitted we will be only minutes away from Sick Kids and in an environment where everyone around you understands why you need to cry or why you need someone to talk to.

I'm feeling anxious about leaving my little girl, my family,  my dog and my home.  God has already prepared the way for us, I truly believe that to be true.

Deuteronomy 31:8

New International Version (NIV)
The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

Georgia will be in the best of hands with my Mom and Dad - she even has her very own pink bedroom there! Lukey and my house will be in great hands with my good friend Krista, but Lukey's health has not been great lately so I worry about leaving him.  My family has each other, and constant calls/texts from me and Jon to keep them informed.  I'm going to miss everyone so much.  But I'm praying that this trip is less than a month long.  3 weeks is not an unreasonable expectation if all goes well.  I know that the prayer support for Jacob and our family has never ended - and I have been feeling a renewal lately...Thank you everyone for your prayers and kinds words - I will do my best to keep you all posted through this site while we are in TO.

Jacob is doing well - his oxygen saturations regularly drop into the high 60s/low 70s but also spend time in the high 70s and low 80s.  Tomorrow on the plane he will be hooked up to his oxygen monitor and have a oxygen mask blowing air on his face for the whole flight.  It's possible his oxygen could drop as low as the 50s without the assistance of this oxygen, and that is just too low.  Jacob's sweet cardiologist joked that Momma might need to use the oxygen too when she see's how low the numbers go on the oxygen monitor! We're going to try to time Jake's feed so that he doesn't need one while on the plane - he vomits enough without being fed in a moving vehicle.  Jon and I also have extra shirts packed in our carry on because sometimes the vomit is inevitable.

Yesterday I saw a picture on Facebook that had the caption: My son has HRHS (Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome).  His half of a heart makes mine whole.

Jacob's half of a heart makes our family whole.  God bless baby Jacob.

   My two beautiful children - Georgia and Jake.

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