Sunday, June 8, 2014


Oh sleep...Wonderful, comfortable,blissful sleep...

I am about to be experiencing more of you!

As of tonight (knock on wood), Jake no longer has a late NG feed.  For the last 14 months, with the exception of the months that critical care nurses did the feeds, Jon and I have been doing a late feed at 12:30-1:30-ish.  Each feed would last about an hour from start by the time we let Jake's stomach settle enough to lay him back down in his crib, so if the feed was at 1:30, then we got back to bed around 2:30...And after 14 months of this, we are exhausted.  Over the past week we have been slowly transitioning Jake from formula to Nutren Junior, and with the Nutren he doesn't need as much to get the same amount of nutrition/calories, so with our dietician's help we have deleted the dreaded late feed.  Tonight is night one of no late expect Jon and myself to be snoring by 10 pm tonight :)

Is it just me, or does life seem easier and better in the summertime to other people too? Nothing is different, but it's so much easier to be positive and relatively carefree when the sun shines and you can leave the house without freezing.  Here are a couple of shots from our family day is good.  God is great.

Georgia graduates from preschool this week.  I can't wait to watch the ceremony and see her do her part.  I promised her a new dress, and told her she could pick it out herself so we're going shopping soon.  My little doll is growing up fast.

Jake's new NG feed - Nutren Junior - is thicker than than formula, so we've been having some issues with getting it to flow quickly through his NG.  We started looking around for a feeding pump and after finding that the average cost was around $800, we knew we couldn't manage that right now.  So, I posted on a Heart parent facebook group looking for a second hand feeding pump, and a Good Samaritan stepped right into our path - she is shipping us the perfect model of feeding pump, along with a backpack, for no charge other than shipping.  Honestly! There are so many good people in this world.  I told this wonderful lady that when we were able we would repay her with what we could.    It's unreal how many blessings have come our way on this journey with Jake's health.

So I'm thanking God for his goodness once again, and I have such a grateful heart.

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