Wednesday, July 20, 2016

To Toronto we will go!

About two weeks ago Jake was given the go ahead to have a referral made to Sick Kids for his Fontan open heart surgery.  This meant two things had happened --- he had almost reached his goal weight of 15kg (weighed in at 14 kg on that day!), and he was showing symptoms of decline in his energy levels, oxygen levels, increased blueness, sleeping more, and so on.  So, it's time...time to wait for a heart cath date, after which we'll get the surgery date.  Cue the stress...

But, thanks to some pretty amazing people....we are not cueing the financial stress.  There is no better gift to give the parent of child with a chronic illness than peace of mind and the ability to focus entirely on the needs of their child without being stressed about how they are paying for the flights, the place to stay, any supplies needed for the child's care, and so on... On that note.... I have a few THANK YOU'S to say...

Members of our church organized a Family Movie Night Fundraiser for Jake.  They showed the movie The Incredibles in honour of our Superbaby.  Dominion Stavanger Drive donated the food/drinks/candy thanks to John.  Michelle and Elizabeth pulled this amazing night together so fast --- it was a lovely wednesday night out for those who came, and a night of amazement for myself and Jon as we watched a church full of people pour out their love for Jake and support for us.  There are so many people to thank, from the silent auction donors, to those who baked goodies, those who volunteered their time to help out, and so on.  A shout out to the CBS Corps who raised $1000 for Jake.  Incredible.  So much love.  Some day we hope to be able to give back in the way we have been blessed.  Here are some highlights from the night!

 Check out the crowd for the movie!

Jake approved of the movie selection!

Half the Heart, Twice the Fight!

Georgia and some friends :)  

 Popcorn and Candy anyone???

The Silent Auction is going on....

These two ladies have the kindest hearts - thank you Elizabeth and Michelle!!!

My unborn niece was there too! Love you little Sis!

Our three hooligans - all on Team Jake!

Team Jake! We love you bud.

I'll do another post next week with some of the goings on in our lives, including the loss of our sweetest dog Lukey as well as a description of the upcoming surgery and why Jake needs it!

Ending today with the most thankful heart.  So filled.  Thank you all.

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