Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A day in the life of baby Jake

On another Heart Mom's blog I saw a post where the mother took 1-2 pictures each hour of the day, and then shared them with her readers to give a glimpse into her child's life. I wanted to do that today with Jake.  

December 3, 2013 in the Anstey family's life:

8AM - Good morning world!

8:30 AM - Time for Jake's morning Enox injection.  This is the ONLY medicine my boy is now on!

9AM - First attempt at feeding Jake solids for the day.  My favourite coffee mug filled with the good stuff, and Jake's solid eating logbook also made the cut.  After getting some cereal into Jake it was time for a tube feed of expressed breast milk.

10:30 AM - Naptime!

11:30 AM - Interrupt Daddy's work for some cuddle time while Momma gets a fast shower and packs the diaper bag for a trip to the Janeway.

12:00 PM - Time for our daily weigh - 16 lbs 10 oz, and then a bath!

12:45 PM - At the Janeway to get Jake's Anti-Xa level checked to see if his Enox levels need to be adjusted.  These ladies know us well! Jake is such a trooper that he smiled his way through the blood being drawn from his arm!

1:30 PM - A surprise message from our friends Vanessa and baby Philip led to us having lunch at Coffee Matters - first Jake, then Momma! 

Baby Philip slept through the "playdate" :)

3:30 PM - After a short nap, it's time to play and practice new skills like sitting up! Jake is mighty proud of himself here!

5:00 PM - Time for some banana puree and another tube feed...Jake would much rather chew on Sophie than eat anything solid...

6:00 PM - Jake and Georgia's sweet cousin comes to visit! We love Brandon!

7:00 PM - Sister wants to eat supper on the couch...

7:30 PM - Hanging out with Auntie in a very messy playroom! This will be fun to clean up when Georgia goes to bed...

8:00 PM - Play play play!

8:30 PM - Another Enox injection.  Superbaby Jake doesn't even blink...

9:00 PM - Sister is all clean and getting ready for bed!

9:15 PM - Another tube feed and Jake is down for the night.  My sweetheart is an amazing sleeper at night.

There is another feed at midnight...but I won't be taking a picture of that one because it's Jon's turn and I'll be snoring :)

So there you have it...an average day in the life of baby Jake.

Thank you God for your many blessings on my family.

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