Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dear Santa

Georgia's letter to Santa was mailed long ago, and a response from the North Pole promptly arrived in our mailbox.  This year Georgia is asking Santa for a doll with long hair that she can brush.  How sweet is that.  I can assure you that Santa will indeed be bringing Georgia a doll with hair that can be brushed :)  This got me to thinking - if Jake could write a letter to Santa what would it say? I imagine it would be something like this...

Dear Santa,

I really am not a fan of your big beard.  I think you would look less scary with a clean shaven face.  I love all of the Christmas lights, especially on my tree.  Wrapping paper is yummy - I don't know why Momma won't let me eat it.  I love my big sister Georgia, and would really love to have a good pull at her hair.  My big cousin Brandon is so cool - I want to be wild just like him when I am 2.

This year is my first Christmas, and I don't really care what gifts are under the tree for me.  What I would really like is a healthy heart.  At the very least I would like to have a stable heart in 2014 with no procedures or open heart surgeries.  I'm such a tough guy that my daily needles don't bother me anymore, but sometimes I don't like having my blood drawn for testing.  I get annoyed at my EKG and Echo appointments sometimes too.  My many scars have healed nicely and I now have a shirt that says "Chicks Dig Scars".  I really earned that one!

I know what my Momma wants  for Christmas.  Momma wants me to eat more food and start to drink on my own.  This is really hard for me, but maybe our miracle will come in the New Year and I won't need a G tube surgery.  Maybe you could bring some patience for my Momma and Daddy when they try to get me to eat.

My favourite thing in the world is to cuddle with my family.  Especially my Momma.  I always have a smile for those around me - even when I am in the hospital!  I'm very thankful to be at home now, and not at SickKids.  My friend Sara is still at SickKids - please help her family have a joyful Christmas even though they are away from home.


Superbaby Jake

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