Friday, March 29, 2013

6 days!

7 days before Jacob's section day, having our first BBQ of the year - Spring is in the air!

The hardest part of leaving home has been also leaving Georgia.  I look at the daily pictures my Mom sends me and she looks so big and grown up - did she look that big before we left, or has she grown up some in the past week?  She is in great hands with Nanna and Poppa, and she splits up her day "working" with both of them.  She helps Poppa in the morning, and goes to Nanna's work in the afternoon.  She'll be all trained for working in The Salvation Army in no time.  The good news is that she will be joining us in Toronto on Monday - only 2 days away! Georgia will be getting the biggest squish between us then - time for a Georgia sandwich!

Today we are relocating from Scarborough to downtown Toronto, moving into the dreaded hotel life...We've been so comfortable and taken care of since we arrived so it will be hard to leave here in a couple of hours to check in to the hotel.  We've put it off as long as we could - we've had two doctors advise us to move closer to Mt. Sinai since we arrived.  Finally, we'll listen :)

Jacob is still doing well, I had an ultrasound on Wednesday that showed his lower heart rate to be in the low 90s, with no fluid buildup, and everything else looking great.  Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers and thoughts. We have six days until the section and I am personally focusing on how nice it is to still have Jacob inside where I can keep him relatively safe.  I say relatively because with the heart block there is no certainty that his lower rate will not drop, but Jacob's fetal cardiologist at Sick Kids seems fairly sure that he will remain stable until delivery and through the delivery.  I'm trusting God and the knowledge of the doctor's that this will indeed be the case.  6 days! I'm as ready as I'm going to get!  

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