Monday, April 8, 2013

Jacob is now 4 days old!

Good Morning world, I'm quickly typing an update as I drink my morning tea.  It's nearly impossible to find the time to sit down and type these days.  My sister updated on the day Jacob was born, and since then the days have been a whirlwind of tests, beeping machines, sitting by Jacob's bedside and squeezing in some time with Georgia.

The birth itself was incredibly scary for Momma, but it turns out that the worst fear was all in my head.  I was discharged from Mt. Sinai on Saturday, 48 hours after delivery.  This seemed very fast to me, as I was not feeling ready for discharge, but the nurses informed me that in Ontario it's a 48 hour period in hospital after a section.  I am doing fine now - walking slowing and my feet and lower legs swell up each day to resemble Professor Klump's, but that too will pass.  Jacob was born with a big cry, and amazingly when he was about an hour old myself, Jon, Georgia, Mom and Dad all got to see him before he was taken to Sick Kids.  And I got to hold him! Those five minutes felt like the greatest gift I had ever been given when they placed him on me.

Overall Jacob is doing very well.  His lower heart rate has remained at the steady rate of 80s-90s, he is handling all the poking and prodding, IV lines and feeding tube amazingly well.  One gift that has been a blessing for him is the Sleep Sheep sound teddy that Auntie and Uncle gave him - it seems to soothe him to sleep when all else fails.  It also helps to drown out the constant machine noise - also appreciated by Momma and Daddy.  Jacob has had an echocardiogram, ultrasounds, EKG, and x-rays since his birth, combined with the multiple IV sites that he has had (both hands, umbilical cord, and now his right leg) and his feeding tube.  And he rarely cries.  How amazing is that! At Sick Kids they have a Bravery Bead program where children get a bead for each procedure performed, and at 4 days old he already has quite a collection.  It will be a nice thing to have to show him when he's old enough to understand.  Another big accomplishment has been his feeding orally (with a bottle! So normal!) and he seems to be always ravenous for more.  He is on a restricted feeding schedule because children with single ventricle heart defects often have problems with digestion, but he is really being a strong and brave boy through it all.  Jacob has even had his first haircut already - the nurses had to shave a small area on his head in case it was needed for the IV line.  I missed the haircut but I have the lock of his hair as a keepsake at least.

Today is a big day, as the Doctor's are meeting to decide a path for his surgery.  Our options are the Norwood or Hybrid procedures, and there are a couple of choices for his Pacemaker as well.  When we hear from the doctor's about this I'll post an update about his surgery.  I'm going to do my best to get a few pictures off my camera today as well, and share them with you.

Simply too much has happened for me to put it all into words but I'll try to fill in the gaps as the days go on. We received a care package from a perfect stranger with a big heart yesterday.  It was a huge gift bag filled to the top with things to occupy Georgia, a beautiful blanket and sleeper for Jacob, Tims gift cards for us, a journal and pen for me, and freshly made chocolate chip cookies.  It was brought right to us at the critical care waiting room - what a big gesture from a perfect stranger!

Yesterday was Jacob's Dedication day, with the ceremony performed by his own Poppa in a private room down the hall in CCCU.  And they decided to let Georgia come in - because Jacob was in an isolated room! It was the most heart warming moment when I saw the two of them together - Jacob being held in his little sister's arms as she told him "I love you, Baby Jake!".  That moment deserves it's own post - so I'll save that one for tomorrow.

Off to the hospital now to hear from the Single Ventricle Team about what our choices are.  Please continue to pray for baby Jake and for guidance for Momma and Daddy as we listen to the doctor's today.

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